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General Alvear has become an important source for tourism and it offers a great variety of activities: hiking, canoeing, mountain biking, camping and other options for nature lovers. The numerous farms, estates and natural sites of the Department invite visitors to enjoy a wonderful rustic atmosphere. Other good options are the Department festivals and the wine tourism.

Casa de Juan Bautista Vairoletto: Replica of the house where the notorious rural bandit died. This is on National Route 143 South, 20 kilometres from the city centre.

Aero Club: This is a spa beside the Atuel River, with a camping site, a tennis court and a football pitch. It is located 2.5 kilometres from the city centre.
Polideportivo Municipal (Municipal Sports Centre): This is a large complex for various sports and camping.

Banco Nación Club: Offers an ideal site for camping, spa and to play golf next to the Atuel River; in addition it offers courts to practice different sports.

Complejo Los Troncos: This is a good place to camp and play sports. It is on the National Route 143 south, kilometre 578, 1.5 kilometres from the city centre.

Muro de Escalada Deportiva (Sports Climbing Wall): It offers walls between 7 and 12 metres in height and with various degrees of difficulty. It is at Zeballos Street 1200.

Pique Club: Ample camping area and spa. It is on the National Route 143 south.

Milestones “Algarrobo bonito”:
This is an old and enormous Algarrobo specimen which caught the attention of the Alvear pioneers in 1900, when the engineer Chapeaurouge began the task of dividing the land into parcels for future crops. The carob tree is still standing at the moment thanks to the firmness of the neighbouring of Alvear, who opposed to its cutting in the mid-60s to facilitate the construction of the National Route Nº 188. Currently, the street was built besides the tree.

Cerro Ponón Tregua:
It has a height of 1,200 metres and its name comes from the Araucana language which means “dog leg”. It is very suitable for the adventure tourism and the observation of the native fauna.

Punta de Agua:
This is an area devoted to the adventure tourism: climbing, horseback riding, etc. It can be reached by the National Route 143 South.